Hello Ambulance Naylor-Thomas Family

Hello Ambulance started way before we put pen to paper… Our story began when our first born started talking and dressing up in all his mummy’s gear, and shouting nee naw nee naw through our local park. 

Many a night he would ask of stories of how his mummy helped people. The stories always began.

Just down the road, not to far away… also inspired by our youngest favourite tv programme at the time… Bing! 

Our boys gave us the inspiration to write, and with the pandemic over our heads there was no better time to begin. 

So two years ago, we sat in our VW, cup of coffee, pen and paper and we started. We had so many ideas of what we wanted to achieve, a rhyming book aimed at ages as young as our boys. The book was to educate and encourage children to engage and feel safe in the fascinating world of blue lights and medicine.

Over many years we have witnessed lots of changes within the service. With the pressures forever increasing we believed it was important to try and educate children on the importance of 999 and learning your address and what to say if ever the need arose. On top of this we wanted to try and help take away the fears surrounding what happens in an emergency. We believed it was important to make sure we mirrored exactly what would happen and also show the equipment as it would be seen. 

It’s true not all heroes wear capes, they can also be 4 and 5 year olds who pick up the phone to ask for help. We hope to continue with a collection of hello ambulance stories, sharing experiences of the wonderful work the ambulance crews do. 

The NHS gift, a service that we need to protect and look after. Our children are the future, we must educate them on how to help people, how to care, and how to love unconditionally.

Enjoy the journey with us, there is so much to learn.

Love Charley, Ruth, Theodore and Grayson