Pip is our Paramedic, she worked hard in her career beginning on the patient transport service also known as PTS. PTS transport patients to and from important hospital appointments. Pip then moved on to becoming an EMT. She loved this role but the time was right for her to become a Paramedic. She went back to university to gain her Paramedic registration.

A Paramedic is a highly trained professional. They help people who have been injured or suddenly become ill. This could be a medical or a traumatic emergency. They wear a green uniform and usually work on an ambulance like Pip and Tom. A Paramedic will try to treat a patient at home if possible but if necessary will transport them to hospital giving them treatment to prevent them from becoming worse. This could include, medications, bandages, pain relief or something to help them breathe. A paramedic is trained in the skills of emergency blue light driving. You will see them on both an Ambulance and Rapid Response vehicles.

Pip lives at home with her wife and her two boys. She also has two dogs and two cats. Which means she is kept very busy. Pip has always wanted to work for the ambulance service, and her boys have always loved listening to her stories. They are very proud that their mummy ‘helps people’ and from a young age have always had to understand that their mummy Pip couldn’t be at home every bed time or every morning (because paramedic pip works loooooong hours).

Pip is a proud person, who loves her family and friends very much. She loves spending time with them all. Her favourite part of the job is helping people that need her and making a difference to them when they are having a bad day.

Pips favourite part of home is being surrounded by family that love her. She feels very lucky and very grateful for everything and everyone in her life.

Pip is diabetic. You may notice her little monitor on her arm. This helps her to keep a check on her blood sugars throughout the day. With a good diet and a healthy lifestyle , Pip finds her diabetes very manageable and it does not hold her back from doing the job she loves.

Tom is an EMT. This means he is an emergency medical technician. They work alongside Paramedics and have a very similar role but with less training. An EMT can assess a patient and determine if any life threatening illnesses or injuries may need further treatment. They are also able to give life saving aid to patients, administer certain medications and also drive under emergency conditions. Paramedics and EMT’s work as a team and help and support each other through their long shifts.

EMT Tom has his own house where he lives with his pet tortoise. Tom is a very friendly person who loves to play sport and catch up with friends.

Tom loves being an EMT, he isn’t sure yet if he wants to be a paramedic because he loves what he is doing now. He might give it a go in the future. He loves being crewe with Pip as they have so much fun together and really enjoy the job they do. He really likes being able to talk to Pip after a difficult or sad job, he finds it easy to open up to her and talk to her if anything is bothering him. Tom knows it’s important to keep talking in his job as sometimes helping people can be a little upsetting.

Toms favourite part of the job is helping elderly people off the floor and making them a brew and toast. He loves sitting and chatting with them and finding out all about them. It does however make him very sad if they live alone or have no family.

Toms favourite sport is badminton. He finds it a good way to wind down after long shifts. He also enjoys spending time with his friends and regularly visits his Mum who adopted him when he was a baby.